the time to unchain the elephants has come!

the time to unchain the elephants has come!

The initial drop is a collection of 1,900 Unchained Elephants WORLD CUP NFTs out of a total collection of 9,999. All the qualified countries for 2022 World Cup are included, and each NFT is a unique combination of country and accessories. The country of an NFT you pre-order is unrevealed. But as they say, the fortune favors the brave in football, and the same applies here in the NFT world. Remember that you don’t need to be a crypto expert to support the Unchained Elephants’ cause. Non-crypto users will be guided by our team during the entire process of ordering an NFT.


What you will get from EACH NFT?

Contributing 40% to buying and rescuing captive elephants

Get 1 TICKET to visit one of the Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries 

Get access to our exclusive travel club to enjoy exclusive discounts on excursions, services & accommodations in Phuket. 

Get a curated tourist guide to Phuket. 

Receive special discounts on merchandising.

Unchained World Qatar 2022 NFT


Unrevealed Unchained Elephants NFT