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With Unchained Elephants NFT
By purchasing the Unchained Elephant Digital Art (NFT), you actively contribute to rescuing elephants while enjoying the wonders of Phuket. Here’s what you’ll receive:

1. Rescue Contribution: 100% of all sales from the first 900 NFTs will be donated to rescue and relocate Kanun

2. Discovering Phuket Membership: Enjoy a 3-year membership with up to 30% off tours.

3. Own A Unique NFT (digital collectible) Artwork: A one-of-a-kind artwork with both value & meaning. Resell the NFT at your desired price, transferring your membership.

Support Kanun’s rescue while enjoying the beauty of Phuket! Join the movement and create a brighter future for these majestic creatures. Purchase your NFT now and help us rescue Kanun!