Unrevealed Unchained Elephants NFT


Grab your UNREVEALED-DESIGN from the World Cup Qatar 2022 and unlock a random and unknown Unchained Elephants NFTs from the 32 different participating in the World Cup Qatar 2022.

What you will get from EACH NFT?

Each of Unchained Elephant NFT will grant you the following utilities and perks:

✓ Donating 40% of the primary sales to buy captive elephants and retire them in a sanctuary.

✓ Get a tour at one of the elephant Sanctuaries we will be working with (Starting from December 2022 until December 2023).

✓ Get access to our exclusive travel club platform with discounts and travel perks in excursions, tours and hotels in Phuket (Q2 – 2023).

✓ Get a curated tourist guide of Phuket.

✓ Donating a percentage of secondary sales to feed and maintain the rescued elephants.

✓ Get whitelisted for future drops.

✓ Receive discounts on Unchained Elephants merchandising.


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1 NFT, 5 NFTs, 9 NFTs